Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Happy February!! Today was the 100th day at school!! Great things to look forward to! This means we are more than 1/2 way done with this school year! I can't wait till summer break (i'll stop bragging for those non-teachers!)

The things i'm excited for in February:
  1. Valentine's Day
  2. Josh's 30th Birthday
  3. Great happy hours with friends

For Valentine's day, since we are an old married couple, Josh & I usually don't go crazy.  So this year, I thought I would put a small note & present in his car every day leading up to Valentine's Day.  So, I started the present today with the most adorable note ever.  I think it's a sweet way to start off his day.  (Pictures will follow once he gets all of his days).  I saw the idea on pinterest (of course!)

I'm also really excited for Josh's 30th birthday!! I am planning him a surprise party in Pittsburgh really soon! (Hope he's not reading!) It's at his favorite restaurant, so I hope he enjoys it! I know he's been a little bummed about turning 30, but hopefully this will cheer him up!

I think i'm getting the hang of this blogging thing...let me know if I'm doing something wrong!

Have a Happy February! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

The start of a new Chapter

Hello All,

Thanks for checking out my new blog! I decided that I wanted to try to record my journey through my new years goal of a healthy 2012! I have a lot of reasons why I wanted to try & lose weight, so I figured this would be a great accountability for me to give ideas & thoughts. 

A few blog disclaimers...this is my first blog! I'm sure it will be choppy & incorrect until I get the hang of this.  Please bare with me as I learn the ins & outs.  My goal is to try & blog one time a week.  

A little bit about myself...My name is Meghan.  I'm a 20 something happily married teacher.  I grew up in NY and met my husband, Josh, in college in western PA.  We now currently live in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in our first home with our awesome golden retriever Linus.  I'm a die hard sports fan..I love the Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Yankees, Pittsburgh Penguins & the Pittsburgh Panthers.  I'm overly sarcastic & use humor in every situation possible.  I rarely take life seriously, I love to have a good time & try to look at everything positively.  Long story short (I can talk forever!) here I am ready to embark on a great weight loss journey for 2012! Here's some of my goals & motivation. 

My first goal would be to compete in a 5-k.  I'm hoping to do the color run in NYC on August 25th.

I think that gives me a great amount of time to get in shape & great motivation! Check out the website here Color Run 2012

My first "weight loss" project is going to be this motivational/visual jar for pounds lost & pounds to go.  I've seen this 100 different ways on pinterest. (I love pinterest btw!) 
Source: hometown princess blog

Well...those are a few of my goals for now.  Thanks for listening